We provide consultancy services on coconut, Tea, fish, Bottle Drinking Water, production, protection and processing technologies as per ICRA guidelines. Major areas of consultancy services provided us are:

Also we are familiar with Designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Virgin coconut oil /White coconut oil plants.


Company Name : Shiromani Copra Oil Mills

Contact Person : Mr. S.P.L. Pathirana / Director

Contact No : +94 773 160 138 / +94 322 241 339

“Designing, Fabrication, Installation and commissioning of Virgin coconut oil plant for Shiromani Copra and oil mills at Dummalasuriya, Udubaddava. And consultancy service done for designing white coconut oil plant for above company in 2016”

Company Name : Senanayaka Lanka Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd

Contact Person : Mr. Thusitha Senanayaka - Chairman/Managing Director

Contact No : +94 372 246 164

” Done consultancy service for PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT of Senanayaka Lanka Oil Mills PVT Ltd in year 2016″

Company Name : Knack Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd

Contact Person : Mr. S.D.Anura Senavirathne - Director

Contact No : +94 776 924 107

“Done consultancy service for PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT of Knack Oil Mills (PVT) Ltd in year 2016”


Supply and installation of all kinds of machinery Including Material handling equipments, Construction machinery, Production machinery (CNC Mills, Lathes, EDMs, ECMs, Waterjet cutters, 3D printers, laser cutters, injection & compressing Moulding ), Power generators, Air compressors etc.

Specialized engineering solutions with extensive experience accumulated over 25 years offering a total service from initial concepts through design and production.

Undertake fabrication services of Design & construct steel structures, storage tanks, chimneys, modification and repair of Mills, mixtures, presses. Cooling conveyers etc.

Supply foundries for any scale suit your needs.


Total laboratory solutions of Technology, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied science for Schools, colleges, Vocational training centers and Universities through Tenders and Concessionary finance (EDCF, Spanish, Polish, ADB, …)

Provide quality hand tools & power tools for range of professional trades.

Supply all equipment for University laboratories.

Specialized simulator solutions for marine and aeronautics.

with relevant curriculum for universities and vocational Training Centers.

Our global suppliers are owned world renowned brands from UK, Canada, America, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey…………………

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