Madola Ceylon Curry Leaf Powder


Curry leaves are a mandatory spice in any oriental household. Madola Curry Leaf Powder is made with the finest of the curry leaves that are carefully dried before it is made into powder. It is ideal to add flavor to bland dishes adding that extra spice.

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Weight 100 g

The Curry Leaf Tree (binomial name: Murrayakoenigii) is a tropical tree native to India and Sri Lanka. Its fragrant leaves are called curry leaves as they are popular for spicing up curries. They are mostly used as a seasoning in the cooking of Sri Lanka, India, and Curry Leaves Powder is not only a flavorful spice but also extremely healthy. It not only boosts iron levels but also controls blood sugar levels and is effective in flushing away toxins from the stomach. Great indigestion, the Curry Leaves Powder also helps in maintaining overall health.

Weight 100 g


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