Madola Ceylon Black Pepper


You know pepper plant belong to south Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil.  It also considered and believed Sri Lanka to a place of origin of pepper.

This is very good medicinal spice. In Sri Lanka as well as foreign countries mainly use this pepper as a black pepper and white pepper. White pepper is removal the outer skin of pepper. Both have good demand.

We are talking about this product. We Madola introduce this product as powder form, crushed and whole. Black pepper powder, Black pepper crushed and Black pepper whole we have already given for our customers.

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Black Pepper Types

Whole, Crushed, Powder


Madola produce in local pepper only. What is the value of this? What is the difference of Sri Lankan Pepper and other countries pepper? because our pepper have great quality compare with other pepper verities which grown in foreign countries.

All these varieties   are high in quality. Especially we consider Piperine Content in black pepper.  Normally this compound very in between 3% to 9% in Black Pepper.  Sri Lankan Black Pepper has very high Piperine Content comparing with other countries like India and Vietnam.

We use Black Pepper as medicine, spice and seasoning agent. . This help and use to prevent intestinal health diseases, fever, rheumatic etc. Specially pepper use to make Ayurvedic treatment.  That is why we introduce Madola Pepper (Ceylon Black Pepper) products with high quality and release to the market for your own benefit. That is why we always ask you to take our Madola products and taste them. Our products are 100% natural

Weight N/A
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Black Pepper Types

Whole, Crushed, Powder


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